Script writing…ugh! It’s typically the least favourite part of video production. But it’s critical to the success of a video or film, and there’s a lot more involved in effective script writing than many people realize.

Obviously it requires excellent writing skills, including the ability to be concise while also making it easy to understand. It also requires the knack for writing for narration as opposed to writing material that will only be read in silently in the mind. That means that a script writer must have a feel for the appropriate cadence of the spoken word for each particular project, and of course, to be able to write in a manner that provides comfortable breathing spaces for narrators and actors.

Finally, effective script writing also requires a solid understanding of how videos and films are produced and edited.

We’ve been producing and scripting marketing and promotional videos since 1998. We’ve also produced and scripted a number of short films and eight feature length documentary films … so we have lots of experience.!