Promote your business, products or services with a short, high energy promo video. You can present your video to viewers on You Tube. You can even create your very own YouTube Channel.

Here’s an example of a high energy promotional video that incorporates original footage shot by Newton Productions combined with several relevant animations purchased online and an array of appropriate music and sound effects. It is also an example of a higher-end edit.



Below is an example of a testimonial video that we produced for a client.  It includes all original footage shot by Newton Productions including a considerable amount of B-roll (coverage) footage, shot using a slider to provide a smooth camera motion. It was shot in a room with difficult and rapidly changing exterior lighting conditions. A combination of many years of experience, supplementary lighting and our high quality Canon camera allowed us to successfully contend with these challenges.



This film trailer from one of our own films looks deceptively simple, but in fact it involved a combination of very sophisticated and advanced filming and editing techniques.



Good composition, including a nicely lighted subject who stands out from a softly diffused and slightly darkened background, combined with crystal clear sound are crucial elements to a successful interview video. Equally important is that the interview is conducted by a skilled interviewer with the experience and skill to ensure that the intended content is covered, and who can also make the interviewee feel comfortable and relaxed so that she or he comes across in a way that compliments the tone and intent of the video. In the following example, an excerpt from an interview conducted for our documentary film “The Story of Perth”,  the interviewee looks and sounds natural and enthusiastic, which is precisely the desired feel for the film.



Through the magic of green screen and sophisticated keying software, Newton Productions can put your video anywhere you want it from the heart of a blast furnace to the surface of Mars!  No matter what your product or service, we can magically transport you and/or your products into dramatic settings which will emphasize the impact of your video.